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Quick Install


Multi user

Blogify will no longer be maintained

Due to the fact that there are better alternatives on the market and a lack of time I will no longer maintain the Blogify package. There will be no more updates or new releases. You can still use the current versions, the repo will not run away.

If you want to take over the project, please contact me via email, twitter, ..?


Quick guide


You can install the Blogify package through Composer by running the following command from your terminal.

composer require jorenvanhocht/blogify v2.0

Service providers

Now add the service provider to the providers array in config/app.php


User model

Your User model needs to use the BlogifyUserTrait. When you have added the use statement your User model should look similar to this:

use jorenvanhocht\Blogify\Traits\BlogifyUserTrait;

class User extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract, CanResetPasswordContract {

use Authenticatable, CanResetPassword, BlogifyUserTrait;

Further configuration

For further configuration please check out our full documentaiton.